Santa Ana, CA

Get a Look at the City of Santa Ana, CA and the Great Attractions There

santa ana ca village artistSanta Ana is a popular city in Orange County CA. Part of the So Cal scene, you can imagine that Santa Ana has a lot to offer. California weather has been a little bit wilder these days, but the sunny beaches and comfortable summers await you. Is Santa Ana going to be your new home? Wouldn’t it be something to live in the OC? Whether relocating or visiting Santa Ana CA, check out these great attractions and things to do.

Santa Ana Museums

Lyon Air Museum in Santa Ana is located on Ike Jones Road. Are you familiar with John Wayne Airport? That’s right, you don’t have to go far to visit the Lyon Air Museum. Reviewers talk about special exhibits, and they also talk about pilots being a part of the tour, meaning they are there not just to tell you about the planes but having flown them. Remember, these are aircraft from the past, so this will be a great history lesson and a sight to see for sure.

Family Attractions in Santa Ana

Discovery Cube Orange County is a really cool place to visit for the entire family. It is located on North Main Street, and it is a science center, complete with a dinosaur exhibit and much more. As you can imagine, there are interactive exhibits, which makes for an even more engaging experience. Ice hockey is there, a wind tunnel and so much more. The exterior of the place makes the building look quite large, and it also looks very modern and fun, inviting. Just wait until you get to see the inside and all of the exhibits.

Santa Ana Artist Village is another top attraction in Santa Ana, California. Located on North Spurgeon Street, and there is a special event held there every month on the first Saturday. The event is known as Art Walk, and there will be local artists there and food everywhere. Reviewers even mention a DJ being there, and you aren’t just talking about one building or one specific area. Take a stroll with that special someone and really enjoy the atmosphere of the area and all the festivities.

Santa Ana has some of the best attractions in Orange County. It is a great city, also with outstanding restaurants, top-notch hotels, plenty of apartments for rent and real estate to browse and more. You decide how far you want to take your trip to the city of Santa Ana, California. Maybe you just found your new home.