An Overview Of OC Dana Point Harbor

dana point harbor in oc caThe Dana Point Harbor is designed to offer premium harbor, marina, and public recreation facilities. It’s a place to launch adventures in boating, fishing, shopping, dining, jogging, bicycling, picnicking, and more. It’s a family-friendly destination with an emphasis on public safety; Dana Point also provides private business and marine educational resources. The Harbor is operated with coastal resource management and financial self-sufficiency in mind.

OC Dana Point Harbor was created as an independent department by the Orange County Board of Supervisors in April of 2005. In addition to overseeing Harbor operations, the new body was tasked with managing the Revitalization Project directly. Dana Point Harbor is expected to emerge as a thriving activity center boasting high quality recreational, retail, and boating resources by 2020. The new commercial core will serve thousands of residents, visitors, boaters, and shoppers. Already the renovated launch ramp at Dana Point is used by over 50,000 boaters a year.

OC Dana Point Harbor is intended to preserve and enhance the public resources that Dana Point Harbor has to offer to the public. This important economic and recreational resource can do more for Southern Orange County. When it is revitalized, the Harbor will take its place alongside other regional attractions including the Ocean Institute, the pier, Baby Beach, and the OC Sailing and Events Center. The large numbers of visitors who come to Orange County for so many different reasons – boating, fishing, shopping, dining, picnicking, and more – will find Dana Point to be a more rewarding destination following its improvements.